About Police Spots

How many crimes could have been avoided, if only the victim had been better informed?

PoliceSpots.com was born out of a partnership between the Victoria (Texas) Police Department and Bright Idea Media.  We recognized how many crimes could easily be avoided through an educated and alert public, and set out to create messaging that would stick with our local community.  Even we were surprised by the results.

Our spots won numerous advertising awards, were recognized by the Texas Crime Prevention Association and most importantly, had a measurable effect in lowering our local crime rate!

Continual requests for these spots led us to create an effecient way for local departments to experience the benefits of these spots, without the cost and effort of initial production.  Simply select a spot(s) to license, upload your department/agency artwork and script for customization and receive your personalized spot back to you within days.

Our heart is to serve your local community policing efforts, so please feel free to contact us with any questions, thoughts or suggestions.

Making the Budget Work

We recognize that budgets in state houses and communities all across the country are tight. That is why we’ve kept our fees to a minimum. But here’s a couple more ideas to help you reduce cost and potentially run a PSA campaign at no cost to your department:

1) Donated Airtime

If you haven’t already. Connect with your local broadcast station. Many television stations offer free airtime for Public Service Announcements. You can even offer for them to include their station logo in the spot as a sponsor.

2) Community Sponsorships

Most police departments have a few community business partners that would jump at the opportunity to sponsor the licensing and customization of a police spot. Send us their company logo and we can include their logo as a sponsor.